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BSOD when loading presumably Bitdefender

BSOD when playing games and watch youtube HD

BSoD when Gaming/Lag/Multitasking

BSOD when rendering Video BCCode: 124

BSOD when burning DVD's using ConvertXtoDVD

BSOD when starting Multiple Wakfu Game Client

BSOD when trying to refresh Windows Experience Index.

BSOD when launching a game

BSoD when computer was left on overnight twice.

BSOD when cold

BSOD when using Microsoft Flight Simulator X

BSOD when surfing Internet

Bsod When im using cinema 4d or playing battlefield 3

BSOD when i switch on laptop BCCode: 9f BCP1: 0000000000000003

BSOD when playing BF3. ntoskrnl.exe seems to be causing it?

BSOD when not in use (win7sp1_gdr.110622-1506) x64 ntoskrnl.exe+7cc40

BSOD when PC left idle; Error Code 0x124

BSOD When using Chrome or playing CS:GO

BSOD when playing Eve Online

BSOD when computer idle (DM Log attached)

BSOD when browsing net and when playing video

BSOD when surfing! tcpip.sys

BSOD when installing league of legends

BSOD when gaming on MSI gp60

BSOD when startup and play music or video with any other media player

BSOD When Playing D3

BSOD when I plugin a Memory stick

BSOD when started 2 or 3 browser windows or playing games

BSOD when resume from sleep (+1 hour)

BSOD when rendering in Premiere Pro CC

BSOD when interacting with D:/ drive "KERNAL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR"

BSOD when installing/ multitasking

BSOD when playing assassins creed 3 and WoW

BSOD When Computer is Idle. I never see it happen.

BSOD When using new MSI Nvidia 460 GTX

BSOD when laptop returns into sleep mode

BSOD when installing XP on Acer Aspire One Netbook (SATA Problem)

BSOD when system is idle

BSOD when opening applications

BSOD when unplugging ethernet cable

BSOD when I visit NetFlix.com

BSOD when playing a DVD

BSOD when playing most games or watching YouTube videos

BSOD when Launching Autocad

BSOD when streaming video

BSOD when leaving laptop idle for an extended period of time.

BSOD when connecting iPod

BSOD when doing random things. Mostly games though 0x000000F4

BSOD when inserting images into Indesign

BSOD when connecting EV3 Robot to pc and sharing internet connection

BSOD when opening programs/win32k.sys .

BSOD when running Roxio VHS to DVD

BSOD when waking from sleep mode - kernal data inpage error

BSOD When Playing Games. I Attached NT6 Files For Viewing

BSOD when running laptop off battery power

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