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Crashes during sound/video but very random and weird crash

windows freezing

Constant freezing of computer

Computer screen hangs all the time. Please help

Computer freezes up during gameplay

Computer crashes a few minutes after start up.

PC randomly freezes + weird sound

Computer randomly Freezing (not sure of the problem yet)

Computer freezing suddenly after 15-50 minutes

Random total freezing during internet use

Locks up with a weird sound

Computer freezing

Computer freezes all the time. (sometimes before startup)

Computer Freezing after Startup

New System Freezes During Downloads

Sleep mode results in hang

Windows Freezes

Desktop freeze

hangup then reboot

System hangs after a while

PC freezes while Gaming

Windows locks up and seconds later

System freeze after waking up from Sleep Mode

Disk Activity Stops and System Eventually Freezes

That 'Old' pc FREEZE issue - again

sound freeze!

Mouse & Keyboard freeze require hard boot

Very Intermitant Boot Stalls.

freezing in screen saver mode

Computer freezes.

My Pc Randomly freezes for 10-15 secs for no reason. Help me.

Screen freeze

Computer freezes on startup before beeper posts

sounds freezes when playing music for a couple of seconds

Display does not resume after long idle times.

Strange crashes during gaming.

System hangs and Bsods that I have tried to resolve before.

Screen Freezes

PC freezes minutes after waking from hibernate 7RTM

Computer freezes randomly and nothing seems to solve the problem

Frequent Freezes

Comp freezing

RAM Trouble - System Hanging

my computer freezes when i play video or java video

Windows 7 sleep hang

How do I stop my computer from freezing and making that weird buzzing

Computer COMPLETELY freezes!

Computer hangs for over 1 minute when booting

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