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CPU USage 13% after randomly starting windows

How to improve CPU usage !

Another CPU Usage at 100% issue.

how to check programs using cpu usage

High CPU usage on Windows 7 Home Premium and Freezing

CPU usage is 100 %

CPU running 100% - Screens posted - Help Appreciated

CPU usage stays around 50-100%

computer running slow even though 15% memory remaining

100% CPU USAGE when browsing Sevenforums with Google Chrome

CPU Maxed playing Freecell

BSOD while streaming videos and when under load

Explorer.exe taking up 15-30% CPU usage when moving mou

high cpu usage when gaming due to other programs! need to kill them:)

high cpu/ram usage not related to any visible processes

Video causing 100% CPU

High cpu usage only while idle [generally after windows updates]

Suddenly SLOW! But normal mem usage.

BSOD while on google chrome/firefox & watching youtube videos.

High cpu usage need help finding whats doing it

Very high CPU usage

Windows 7 CPU Usage

CPU usage jumping to 100% win7

High CPU usage

windows 7 IE 8 High cpu usage 100%

CPU @ 100%

100% CPU Usage

Upgrade GPU and CPU. CPU usage very high. GPU not perform as intended.

CPU usage 100% after fresh Install

Sluggish Performance/Memory Usage

CPU usage jumps to 50% when moving cursor around.

high cpu load and hd continously working when "idle"

win7 cpu

Cpu is running 100 cannot get it down.

Windows 7 random CPU usage and high physical memory usage!

CPU usage is below 40%

explorer.exe consuming 50% CPU Usage Constantly

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