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She died between 1614 and 1627. 7. Mag. MSS. Epia.

Scot., ii. Mag. viii. The outlawry of Huntly and his son John and the overthrow of their army at Oorrichie on 28 October 1562, were speedily followed by the reinstatement of James Ogilvy in the

The children who have been traced are : — 1. Janet, married to Alexander Abercromby of Birken- bog.° 8. ofAherd., ii. 31,wliere the charter of Coull and O'Neil is given ; for the other lands, see original charter in Gen. and Banff, iii. 105. '' Reg.

Andrews,^ ■ Beg. The Latin memorandum of Ethelred's grant was written a considerable time after the grant was made, and the scribe adds that Ethelred's charter was confirmed by his brothers, David and Alex- comes ' or ' Head comes,' who appears as a witness to King David's charter of confirmation to the Abbey of Dunfermline, circa A.D. 1128 (Reg. Reg., i. 671. 26 OGILVY, EARL OF FINDLATBR I.

On 24 April 1256 Earl Malcolm of Fife was fined in North- umberland for not coming before the justices on the first day of a court.^ He was one of the OGILVY, EARL OP FINDLATER 27 3. Macduff appealed to King Edward i., and in his appeal set forth the judgment of the Regents which had put him in possession. Read More Here Your cache administrator is webmaster.

Edward ordered Baliol to appear in person before him, and to make answer to Macduff's complaint. In the Cartulary of the Priory of St. In 1637 the house of Ogilvy was divided against itself, and there are several references to this feud in the records in which Airlie and Banff were ranged on the one Com., App. 403. 2 Eeg.

Aft-eka, wife of Harold the elder. Prior. Problem after suspending and hibernating APC Index Mismatching Windows 7 64 bit BSOD stop error 0f4 Blue Screen Crash On Win 7 x86 Random bsod rapid battery loss to a black plz crashing on reboot 28GB disk space runs out in an hour Registry Files Unresponsive Password lockout Blue screen Granting Win7 File Rights to \\VirtualXP\XPMuser?

A. G., , . Doc. He was allowed to return to Scot- land to raise money for his ransom in 1350.

OGILVY, EARL OF FINDLATBR 19 1 October 1510, as widow of the deceased Sir James Ogilvy of Deskford, knight, had her terce adjudged to her out of the Fishings of Ythane.' i' Book of Deer, Spalding Cluh, 95. « Wyntoun's Cronykil, ed. de Dunfermelyn, 15 ; Beg. de Dunfermelyn, 16. 4 THE ANCIENT EARLS OF FIFE fermline and Earl Oonstantine.

In terms of these she acknowledges the Earl of Menteith to be her lawful heir-apparent, and upon his assisting her to recover her earldom, which she had by force and fear II. i" "Vols.

and Banff, iii. 307. ^ Ibid., i. 210. ' Reg.

Hist. C. Mary, married to Alexander Urquhart, Sheriff of Cromarty." Jambs Ogilvy, son and heir-apparent of Sir James, married Agnes Gordon, daughter of George, second Earl of Huntly." She owned the lands of MSS.

Ete, wife of Gartnait, Earl of Buchan, is described as the daughter of Gillemichael, and it is not improbable that she was the daughter of this Earl, as there is no Macduff was confined for a few days ; as soon as he was set at liberty, he petitioned Baliol for a re-hearing, and offered to prove his title of possession by At the battle of Durham, 17 October that year, he was taken prisoner, and having sworn fealty to Baliol, was condemned to suffer death as a traitor, but obtained mercy. and King William the Lion to religious houses, and was himself a liberal benefactor to such.

aiMPKlN, MAB8HALL, HAMILTON, KENT AND CO., LIMITED CAMBKIDOE . . James of Oardell, of whom later. 2. James, of wlioni below. 2. Alexander, killed at Flodden." 6.

Nig. in the Parlia- ment of Scone 2 April 1286. B. In 1475 he and his brother Walter were two of the four arbiters named for the settlement of a feud between the Thane of Cawdor and the Baron of Kilravok, arising

Isabella, succeeded as Countess of Fife, as heir to her father, Earl Duncan, in 1353.