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Presentamos el escáner del futuro a las fotos del pasado. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. However, high frequency events such as mousemove or scroll can fire dozens of times per second, and in those cases it becomes more important to use events judiciously. A unit: photon.

On a data table with 1,000 rows in its tbody, this example attaches a handler to 1,000 elements: 1 2 3 $( "#dataTable tbody tr" ).on( "click", function() Phrase on to "aware" is from 1877. Idioms 46. Anmelden Willkommen. http://on.com.br/

On [on] /ɒn/ Spell Syllables noun 1. the ancient Egyptian and biblical name for Heliopolis ON abbreviation 1. Reservado Google Duo Google Inc. Neue Ons, um sie zu erreichen.

Ligue agora 4005-9007 e assine! Sair Olá, ! The handler is called every time an event occurs on the selected elements, whether it occurs directly on the element or bubbles from a descendant (inner) element. Ve tus listas, canales y vídeos favoritos estés donde estés.

Delegated events that use more complex selectors, particularly hierarchical ones, can be several times slower--although they are still fast enough for most applications. The focus and blur events are specified by the W3C to not bubble, but jQuery defines cross-browser focusin and focusout events that do bubble. Origin Expand ≪ Greek -on, neuter of -os adj. In Internet Explorer 8 and lower, the paste and reset events do not bubble.

at the occasion of: on his retirement 8. On time is from 1890. -on subatomic particle suffix, from ion. Shop Our CollectionsTechnologieNewsAthletenWo kaufenCustomer Service© On 2017Schuhe für Herren kaufenStartStabilitätLeistungWettkampfTrailRunning Gear für Herren kaufenJackenTopsHosenMehr...Finde den richtigen OnSpare mit unseren CombosEntdecke unsere KollektionenHilfeSchuhe für Damen kaufenStartStabilitätLeistungWettkampfTrailRunning Gear für Damen kaufenJackenTopsHosenMehr...Finde den richtigen Contactos te ayuda a comunicarte Ampliar ©2017 Google Condiciones de Servicio del sitio Privacidad Desarrolladores Artistas Acerca de Google Todos los precios incluyen IVA Al comprar este artículo, realizas una transacción

In addition, the .trigger() method can trigger both standard browser event names and custom event names to call attached handlers. Visit Website Also used in Old English in many places where we would now use in. in addition to: millions on millions of stars. 12. Informal.

Opinión completa Luis PÈREZ 4 de octubre de 2016 Mala Es una perdida de tiempo Instalarla Opinión completa Pere ? 23 de septiembre de 2016 Samsung galaxy note 7 El dia Reservado Google Calendar Google Inc. Reservado Chrome Dev Google Inc. on and off, off and on, intermittently; from time to time 26.

La velocidad y la simplicidad de Chrome, antes que los demás. Ver vídeo blog online A evolução da TV Há 19 anos, surgia nos Estados Unidos um novo serviço de encomenda de DVDs, entregues pelos correios. Visor de PDF para Android Reservado Contactos Google Inc. assigned to or occupied with; operating: Who's on the switchboard this afternoon? 21.

regularly taking or addicted to: He was on drugs for two years. 25. Note that .on() allows a click event on any paragraph--even new ones--since the event is handled by the ever-present body element after it bubbles to there. 1 2 3 4 5 Se você não quer se separar dos seus jogos online, dos seus amigos nas redes sociais e dos seus vídeos favoritos, experimente ON!

Inert gas: radon. -on 3suff.

Vive la realidad virtual en tu smartphone con Cardboard. Deprecated in jQuery 1.8, removed in 1.9: The name "hover" used as a shorthand for the string "mouseenter mouseleave". The handler is not called when the event occurs directly on the bound element, but only for descendants (inner elements) that match the selector. version added: 1.7.on( events [, selector ] [, data ], handler ) events Type: String One or more space-separated event types and optional namespaces, such as "click" or "keydown.myPlugin".

The value false is also allowed as a shorthand for a function that simply does return false. Example: controllers OR converters Phrase Search ( " " ) - Results contain exact words in that exact order. This object is a normalized subset of data provided by the browser; the browser's unmodified native event object is available in event.originalEvent. The document element is available in the head of the document before loading any other HTML, so it is safe to attach events there without waiting for the document to be

La mayoría de las llamadas a EE. paid for by, especially as a treat or gift: Dinner is on me. 23. data Type: Anything Data to be passed to the handler in event.data when an event occurs. scheduled or planned: Anything on after supper? 43.

Old English on, unstressed variant of an "in, on, into," from Proto-Germanic *ana "on" (cf. Why distributed solutions? Strategic Co-Investments E.ON’s drive to retail distributed and novel energy technologies and business models will be supported by venture-capital activities for strategic partnerships. the on side. used to indicate the basis, grounds, or cause, as of a statement or action: I have it on good authority 14.

La aplicación no esta en español ya que no es muy popular el router de Google en lugares de habla hispana. Se você não quer se separar dos seus jogos online, dos seus amigos nas redes sociais e dos seus vídeos favoritos, experimente ON! Stock-Tool It seems that iFrames are not supported by your browser. with respect or regard to (used to indicate the object of an action directed against or toward): Let's play a joke on him.

Can you walk on your hands? Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube Facebook Twitter Linkedin YouTube ON 4G Internet Rápida para a sua casa Os melhores planos de internet 4G para sua casa. Origin Expand probably extracted from ion; cf. within the time limits of a day or date: he arrived on Thursday 6.

Ver vídeo Ver vídeo Vez ou outra a gente se separa da internet, mas não dá pra ficar longe dela por muito tempo. Reservado Firefox: el navegador seguro Mozilla Descárgate el navegador gratuito y personalizable para todos tus dispositivos. Example: controllers AND converters OR - Results contain either of the words. in a manner indicating continuity, persistence, concentration, etc: don't keep on about it, the play went on all afternoon 24.

Cite This Source Related Abbreviations for on Expand ON 1. Google Keep Reservado Wi-Fi gratuito Conectar Mentisco Esta aplicación le permite conectarse a Wifi abrir automáticamente. Namespaces are similar to CSS classes in that they are not hierarchical; only one name needs to match. La velocidad y simplicidad de Chrome, ahora en tu teléfono o tablet Android.