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Can't Find MS "Works" After Installing MS Office Pro 2010


Correcting the problem with the preinstalled OEM Starter versions is tricky enough, so I decided to make that the focus of this post. Genie Thanks so much! The time and talent this site put into helping others in incredible. In return, it hopes to get most people using the same version of Windows, rather than having roughly 1.6 billion users spread over Windows XP (which still has more users than navigate here

Excellent work! Too bad for me you aren't closer to Sussex, Wisconsin. This worked perfectly. Donate to say "Thanks" if this post has helped save you time and money! 🙂 This entry was posted in Case Studies and tagged advanced repairs, office error, office starter error,

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You can use this account to reinstall Office from My Office Account without a product key. Sze Mui Thanks! Right-click the SetupConsumerC2ROLW.exe file and choose Run as Administrator to install C2R once again, along with a fresh copy of Office 2010 Starter. https://www.magicaljellybean.com/keyfinder/ It will even pull the key off a non-bootable drive (just connect the drive with a SATA/IDE to USB adapter and load the "hive" off of it

January 7, 2015

If I'm not mistaken, at least to create a shortcut you can use the following codes: On a 64-bit system: Excel 2010: "%COMMONPROGRAMFILES(X86)%\microsoft shared\Virtualization Handler\CVH.EXE" "Microsoft Excel Starter 2010 9014006604090000" Word Its crazy! Can't thank you enough. Office 2010 Product Key Rico Mäder Excelente e importante dica, já que o Office 365 e o Office 2010 não trazem esse programa.

Géczi It's a very very good idea. Office 2010 Download Free Full Version We'll use a previous Office suite setup and will customize it to install only Picture Manager program: 1. It worked like a charm. http://www.accountingweb.com/technology/excel/how-to-reinstall-microsoft-office-when-you-dont-have-a-disc-or-download For help, contact your Office 365 partner.

This is happening because Microsoft Office is trying to open an Outlook attachment from untrusted locations in Protected Mode, and failing. Microsoft Office 2013 How can we improve it? Use Apple Pay or Android Pay How to Find and Remove Duplicate Files on Windows How to Send and Receive Faxes Online Without a Fax Machine or Phone Line How to To do this, visit this page and SKIP steps 1 - 4: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel-help/click-to-run-switch-%20to-using-an-msi-based-office-edition-HA101850538.aspx 4) Let me know if this works for you! 🙂 To everyone else, Thanks for the continued feedback.

Office 2010 Download Free Full Version

Will this interfere with Office 2013, cause conflicts, etc.? Picture Manager is a vital tool to my work and now I can still enjoy it even with Office 2013 Jorge Thank you! Download Office 2010 I disabled it from running on startup and everything seems ok. Microsoft Office Product Key I hate the 2010 program it locked and i couldn't get help.

Microsoft seems to have removed Picture Editor from that, too. :-( Not a happy camper. check over here Roger Wicki Thank you for these instructions. On newer Windows 8 and 10 computers, the key isn't stored in software where it can be wiped, or on a sticker where it could be smudged off or removed. It was quick, easy, and back in business Thanks, you saved the day. Download Microsoft Office

If you have the software installed, but can't open it, you should able to use a tool described in the article to extract the product key. It was the ‘sc' command that still had no return after a half hour. Thanks again. his comment is here there is no Office Picture Manager listed.

I agree with Rasta, I think you should have a DONATE link. Microsoft Office For Mac It seems like the most prudent course for her at the moment is to switch to OpenOffice and keep an eye out for other suspicious software activity. Thank you.

Will this work for Windows 7 Professional?

They want all of us to switch to the "APP" format for programs. pete Another way to get Picture Manager without Office is to download the free "Sharepoint Designer 2010". Many thanks! Microsoft Office 2016 RS Thanks for the very useful tip.

In its absence from Office 2013 I tried many others and nothing is as easy to use for just basic editing and viewing. I figured I'd uninstall the starter, but then when i try to open documents that I downloaded i get the stupid Click-2-Run configuration failure error. Johana Guinayen on February 10, 2013 at 9:01 am said: Hi, I'm sorry i'm having problem with the last step..i can't find the SetupConsumerC2ROLW.exe..i can't locate this..please help need to get http://ps3coderz.com/microsoft-office/ms-office-2010-beta.php Thanks Ellen Earhart NOT HAPPY!!

One slight problem encountered...... This is the first place (and I am sure will be the last) I will look when I am having any other issues. No doubt I will need assistance to hook this up to my tv and other media. The saved file Excel Starter 2010 does not seem to excel.