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System Will Randomly Reboot And Throw 0x000000c2 BAD_POOL_CALLER


D XUANfaderend ?> Springer Pleb posted 03-17-04 05:28 ET (US) 21 / 40 DX, i think you might have some kind off hardware problem, check I had a faulty Enermax 350W PSU that would read 4.5V in the BIOS for the 5V, 2.7 for the 3.3V and 10.5 for the 12V. Reply http:// March 29, 2005 at 2:12 amSo mainly the power supply is the cause to it? Even after a format/ clean windows install fighting random BSOD's. Check This Out

The logs can be found by rightclicking My Computer and then click Computer Management (or something similar), if I remember correctly the logs are in Event Viewer.I hope Springers surgestion about The ideal program would clean up the clay and return it to the computer when it finishes, allowing the computer to distribute the clay to other programs in need. Over time, as flawed programs fail to return all of the clay they’ve been given, other programs need to wait longer and longer for their share of resources. until last night.

Bad_pool_caller : 0x000000c2

D XUAN TealWanderER Pleb posted 03-16-04 10:19 ET (US) 16 / 40 Is Afraid, Is Very Afraid...Re: DX comment about getting a new car Windows7/8/10 and Linux garbage collection works just fine, you only need to reboot after certain OS/driver updates. Reply http:// April 21, 2005 at 7:59 pmI have that same message!

People use the term memory leak way too often, and for a lot of things that arent actually memory leaks. It doesnt matter if it is native or managed code, if the process is ended the memory is ALWAYS freed. That’s because those browsers are flawed AND they have flawed addons. Bad Pool Caller Windows 7 I've never seen a PC refuse to boot just by disabling the automatic reboot option.

Duan Xuan Pleb posted 03-16-04 08:33 ET (US) 9 / 40 Do you mean Norton Internet Security?...D XUAN Springer Pleb posted 03-16-04 08:33 ET Bad_pool_caller 0x00000c2 Windows 7 I've since disabled the personal firewall feature to see if my problem goes away.Just another point to consider as not all 0xC2 STOP errors are caused my bad memory modules. Stay logged in Sign up now! I certainly hope it doesn't come back again- I simply hate it.

Now, I'm not saying all errors are at random. Bad Pool Caller Windows 7 Blue Screen Windows 7: System will randomly reboot and throw 0x000000c2 BAD_POOL_CALLER Page 1 of 2 1 2 > 27 Jun 2015 #1 rvcjew 7 Pro x64, 10 Pro x64 1,784 posts I also ran into this page which has a wide variety of hardware and software test programs that could help you narrow it down a bit; or not. I don't know what the consensus is on the 865 chipset here on the forums, but a few reviews I have read mentioned issues with running dual channel with the 865

Bad_pool_caller 0x00000c2 Windows 7

This page requires Javascript. I haven't heard about any issues with the 865 motherboards, but a check on Intel's BIOS update page might help. (It is always a bit of a nail-biter to flash the Bad_pool_caller : 0x000000c2 I uninstalled Norton Internet Security and disabled PC-cillin, but the problem still came.I am unable to identify the source of the problem. Bad_pool_caller (c2) Neither remote nor buttons on the TV would do anything.

Reply James Patterson April 24, 2006 at 4:08 amThanks for the info. his comment is here The best known one is Deep Freeze. As the almost infinite amount of variables that could be considered whilst testing are unreasonable to test for it is likely that a sequence of events can lead to a missed It's hard to explain it to those who are less tech-savy, but still feel they know enough that it was caused by a virus, or their computer is hacked. How To Fix Bad Pool Caller Windows 10

Computers are finite state machines that constantly need to monitor for events and respond accordingly. Windows restarts after a Windows Update Your computer might experience system restarts after running Microsoft Windows Update or performing an Automatic Update. Jerrold explains that one state which all functioning devices can recover from is the power-off-state. this contact form It includes Norton Firewall as well as Norton Antivirus.

I tried entering it four times in a row and everytime the system restarted for no reason. What Is Bad_pool_caller Since WinXP just restarted itself without telling me it had seriously crashed (like all other prior versions of Windows), I at first thought it was the PSU not cold starting well I've googled 7a and gone through old posts and tried my hand at finding the problem myself but I can't seem to figure it out.

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HP PCs - The Computer Restarts Unexpectedly (Windows 10, 8) Windows restarts for no apparent reason Windows restarts after a Windows Update This document pertains to HP and Compaq computers and Odd.I looked through all the setting options in Norton Internet Security but I couldn't find any option related to it. Pr. 16:24 Duan Xuan Pleb posted 03-15-04 23:15 ET (US) 2 / 40 Ok, I solved the problem of virus scanning. The problem is that this process, known as “garbage collection”, can be processor intensive and would impact operating system performance, hence it’s uncommon.

On any modern OS (NT/2k+/*Nix/Solaris/OSX/etc) the kernel will ALWAYS return all of the memory a process uses when it exists. Which devices and symptoms have you successfully fixed with a reboot? I'm feeling frustrated... navigate here Now what exactly are those flaws?