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Windows Update: Incredibly Strange Behaviour

Short of running CCleaner or reinstalling Windows, I don't know what to do about it. Windows 10 is more secure than any previous version of Windows Um, sorry, this is largely baloney. It does not show up in the Task Bar or Windows Task View and it doesn't have the Settings icon in the Windows Task Manager. click on the Black/White icon in the top left, and select Edit...'Select All', and hit the Enter key - then use Ctrl+V or r-click+Paste to pasteit into your response. Check This Out

Accept the UAC prompt. 2) To run thecommands easier, highlight the block of commands, and right-click on thehighlight select Copy. or Powell's Bookstore Tis the season If you have any doubts about the suitability of the following paid ad, email me for a reference! This I rebooted and tried again and it immediately installed the updates (apparently they got downloaded sometime during that lag period of waiting, although it never showed that in the status This happened shortly after I noticed that none of my non-Metro apps were showing up in the Start Menu even though they remained functional.   I had also run CCleaner to

I wait for it to complete and sign back in and start playing TERA again. I wait for it to complete and sign back in and start playing TERA again. If I start WU from the start menu and open task manger, and right click on WU and 'go to process', task manger highlights explorer.exe. What I have to do is shut all my programs down, turn the computer off and on, try again to open IE -- and I still get no IE opening up

There is nothing to see here. There are several issues with Windows which, at present, make Spyware/Malware OS 10 inappropriate and even outright dangerous for a lot of people. As a bonus Windows 10 has features of a PUP: it shows ads in the start menu including full screen ads on the lock screen. Also have gotten the error 8024419 (Windows Update Cannot update) several times.

Windows 10 was seen by many as a make-or-break release for the future of Microsoft. No Windows update can prevent such a behaviour. Also Windows 10 updates may have unintended consequences and unannounced changes in behaviour (it's already been confirmed). You'll see that it really does not want me to type e-mails in Dutch (it resets to English for every newly typed character...).

DirectX 12? Create New Partition and install Windows 10 there.   If you need assistance or clarification for the steps I wrote here, please ask.   share Link to post Share on other The only released Windows 7 SP1 cumulative update, totally breaks the Windows Updates service (the worst piece of software in the human history). Or turn off the Microsoft Update service in task manager or something?

There is nothing to see here. Free upgrade to Windows 10 after July 29, 2016 How to save money and upgrade to Windows 10 for free after the free upgrade offer expires? I have no signature. This computer came with Windows 8 preinstalled, before the Windows 8.1 update.

You are definitely going to need a clean install to repair missing or damages files.  Desktop Specs:   i5 6600k at 4.6GHz h100i v1 Water Cooler GTX 970 4GB Reference Edition his comment is here Normally you should never run Windows without a decent antivirus installed (Microsoft Security Essentials is not an AV your can rely on, in fact you're crazy if you believe it protects Some ways to fix/configure Windows 10 Do not install it or upgrade to it if you're running Windows 7/8.1. It will work fine for the next few hours, or even one whole day, while I turn the computer on and off and I turn the internet on and off, but

I have no attitude towards MacOS X, because I've never had a chance to use it, however from what I've seen on screenshots this OS has the worst fonts antialiasing among Leave your comments, additions and hatred below. © 2015-2017 Artem S. I looked into some... this contact form That's when I discovered my Start Menu was completely empty - no Metro Apps, no desktop shortcuts, nothing.

Even when a percent complete indicator is shown, it often only relates to the specific phase of the update being run, and not to the entire process. Extra credit: Fix the progress barsSometimes Microsoft provides a percentage complete indicator during updates. September 2016 security update broke print functionality for certain users.

Great! "Gaming continues to grow on Windows 10 – in 2015, gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games on Windows 10" - we now know what apps you're running

Buy anything, AskWoody.com collects a small bounty. Do you have a Dell PC / Notebook ?   Please run the following command in a command prompt or in Start -> Run %systemroot%\System32\winver.exe This will open a information dialog Symptoms: -My computer shows the black windows splash screen longer than ever before. -After that, the screen goes off (led blinkind,... Safe Mode has become impossible to access unless you've booted into ...

No good packaging mechanism (MSI is way too fragile). The problem is that the entire company is completely and totally focused on developing an absurd number of new features and products, giving them completely unrealistic deadlines, and then shipping software Reply Annemarie says: March 19, 2016 at 3:45 am have been experiencing this for at least the last three months, probably longer.. navigate here This must be intentional.   It must be intended to aggravate or penalize people who do updates manually, and make people with older systems - worst, those with 1 core - suffer

It's always there in my Volume Mixer and my PC creates a weird sound everytime it boots even if the Startup Sound is disabled via Sounds. It's just spinning hard on one CPU core. Generated Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:28:18 GMT by s_hp87 (squid/3.5.23) Close Biz & IT Tech Science Policy Cars Gaming & Culture Forums Navigate Videos Features Reviews Ars Approved RSS Feeds Mobile I finally cancelled the install.

At this point I press and hold the power button to manually shut it off (I don't remember what prompted me to do so) and I reboot the machine. In case of already existing Windows installations, it sets the newly installed Windows as the default OS - no questions asked. Name Mail (will not be published) Website Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Vulkan is supported on all modern operating systems.

All other symbols are working as they should. All rights reserved.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.Advertise - technologyπRendered by PID 2019 on app-512 at 2017-01-11 21:28:32.926221+00:00 running 478bd1d country code: CL. on Win10 beta build 15002 brings real improvementch100 on Microsoft Security Essentials warning about end-of-support for VistaNetDef on Edge stores your browsing history on Microsoft's serversch100 on Microsoft Security Essentials warning Absolutely dissimilar classic and modern (PC settings) control panels.

Some features you grew dependent on will be removed without providing any alternatives. Microsoft just is not getting that their own inaction and disregard is sabotaging their goal to get more to Win10. is prohibited. install w7, that's it...

I watched disk activity with Resource Monitor and there is none corresponding to the updates during the long sets of CPU loops. It wasn't too much of an issue because I almost never used the Windows 10 App Store anyways and all of my other Metro Apps still worked. If windows 7 is taking a very long time looking for updates (20 minutes to a couple hours) you need to install this update. Windows 10 features an improved memory handling for certain multithreaded applications like WinRAR but most other applications have the same performance. "I have installed Windows 10 and it feels faster", right,

I haven't done a Windows Update since a few days before the last Patch Tuesday, and I'll do my next Windows Update (+ installation of "safe" new updates) a few days No wonder people are going crazy in the feedback hub about the spell checker. As a result, most of my Dutch e-mails will always contain some word that has been autocorrected to English... Egregious lying continues: Microsoft falsely states that newer Intel and AMD CPUs will only be supported by Windows 10.